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Kelly Griebel

Mandy has helped me to see what it is that so truly want in life and helped me through the obstacles in a positive light to help me achieve my goals. I am where I am today because of Mandy."

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Avoid burn out during this holiday season

We live in a time of grind, go hard, do more be more and stay busy. This is resulting in major burnout and fatigue across the country. What’s worse than that is that those of us who have bought into the being busy is fabulous are coming up short in our lives. We are exhausted, […]

Cultivating Your Instincts, Trusting Your Gut

Has there been a time in your life where you have encounter an unhealthy relationship that was confusing and left you doubting yourself? It may have been hard to communicate what abuse was occurring, however, there was a feeling inside your gut that screamed something is not right. In these toxic dynamics your vulnerabilities are […]

There comes a time in life where everything changes. It’s during these times that we are offered the opportunity to grow emotionally, physically and mentally. These circumstances in life can either make us bitter or better. Welcome to Altered Self Wellness where we grow and adapt to make the most of life. If you are ready to transform I am here to support you.

Create A Vision

figure out your passions and desires. Begin to make the changes you desperately crave.

Remove Obstacles

Identify what is holding you back. Remove any fear or resistance.

Increase Mindfulness

Formulate a game plan to create a healthier, happier, more successful version of yourself.